Birn+Partners hereby announce that Lone Vinther is employed as Executive Consultant in the Ballerup department in Denmark. Lone comes with a background within HR, business management and sales and we are excited to welcome her to the Birn+Partners family, where we are certain, she will contribute with her broad experience. Lone is a visionary and

Looking for a New Normal

During the last century the industrial and technology revolution has had a great impact to the development of many industries. New rules for the game is set and a “new normal” is born. At the same time the life cycle of the “new normal” is shortened and we see new beginnings and entrants to the
Fast moving changes, willingness to change and adaption to variable surroundings. The future talents are met with high demands, which requires future leadership. Jouko Pitkänen, partner in Birn+Partners Finland gives a good overview of this topic.

Recruitment vs. Headhunting

There is a difference between recruitment and headhunting. This is both as definition and very often also in the quality of the result for the company seeking new employees. Few variables makes a process easier, but often the requiring assignments with many variables and a bigger interface gives a much more well thought through and
Birn+Partners welcome Maria Møller to HQ in Vejle, Denmark. Previously Maria Møller has been working with projects, events and arrangements in many types of businesses. This gives her a solid background and knowledge of assignment approach, when handling the various tasks given to her in order to assure a high level of service and quality

Trusted Advisor

What is required from a trusted advisor in the business world of the year 2018? Often trust is build during years of acquaintance, but once in a while you come across people that are trustworthy in an early phase. The foundation of Birn+Partners is trust. We work with the fact, that the trust of our
Anu Härkönen works as Executive Consultant for Birn+Partners in Finland, Helsinki. She has worked with leaders and managers as a Personal Coach, Trainer and Consultant. She views executive search and onboarding as tools to help companies in this Transformative Age to find and keep the best talented leaders.   What if love can change the

Prepare for disruption

Future challenges are many and unpredictable, but also exciting and inevitable in order to develop and be strengthened. The force of successful companies is seldom a wisdom to predict the future. It is the ability to face challenges and make it a competitive advantage. Birn+Partners is a trusted advisor leading companies through circumstantial confrontations with
Hiring new employees requires ressources and a significant matter is “How can you accelerate the ROI of a new Manager?”  Birn+Partners have specialized in all processes regarding hiring a new manager. This article summarizes some necessary considerations.  For further information or assistance, please contact any of our European divisions
Birn + Partners are excited about welcoming Pernille Marhauer Brandt to the Odense office in Denmark. Pernille has been working within the HR field since 2006 and will meet our customers as an experienced consultant. Furthermore Pernille will support the organization as a goal oriented HR Business Partner and hereby help both employees and customers get