Anu Härkönen works as Executive Consultant for Birn+Partners in Finland, Helsinki. She has worked with leaders and managers as a Personal Coach, Trainer and Consultant. She views executive search and onboarding as tools to help companies in this Transformative Age to find and keep the best talented leaders.   What if love can change the

Prepare for disruption

Future challenges are many and unpredictable, but also exciting and inevitable in order to develop and be strengthened. The force of successful companies is seldom a wisdom to predict the future. It is the ability to face challenges and make it a competitive advantage. Birn+Partners is a trusted advisor leading companies through circumstantial confrontations with
Hiring new employees requires ressources and a significant matter is “How can you accelerate the ROI of a new Manager?”  Birn+Partners have specialized in all processes regarding hiring a new manager. This article summarizes some necessary considerations.  For further information or assistance, please contact any of our European divisions
Birn + Partners are excited about welcoming Pernille Marhauer Brandt to the Odense office in Denmark. Pernille has been working within the HR field since 2006 and will meet our customers as an experienced consultant. Furthermore Pernille will support the organization as a goal oriented HR Business Partner and hereby help both employees and customers get
We are excited to announce that Oddny Svergja has been appointed partner in Birn+Partners. Oddny Svergja joined Birn+Partners in September 2017 and brought a lot of experience and skills in the fields of Management for Hire, Organizational and Leadership Development, Change management and HR transformation as well as Executive Search into the company. Oddny has
We are pleased to announce that Heinrich Boeder has been appointed partner in Birn+Partners as of June 1st 2018. Heinrich comes with a background from the IT-industry as project responsible, leader and manager. Heinrich contributes to Birn+Partners with 20 years of management experience and has a deep understanding of the importance of all steps of the
We are pleased to announce that Line L. Uppard has been appointed partner in Birn+Partners as of May 1st 2018. Line joined Birn+Partners Norway in November 2017 and has already made her definitive mark by bringing new experience and knowledge from different businesses into the organization. She holds a lot of experience in the fields of
We are pleased to announce that Claus Ellegaard has been appointed partner in Birn+Partners as of May 1st 2018. Claus joined Birn+Partners in January 2017 and has created remarkable results from day one. Claus has a strong commercial background with more than 25 years’ experience in various positions within sales and HR and has obtained his
We are pleased to welcome Jan Hjortshøj onboard to our Danish team. Jan is an executive with international experience and success with general management and strategic development from companies such as Microsoft, IBM and Apple plus a number of small medium size Danish IT-companies. He has documented results with business development, management of global organizational
It is with great joy that Birn+Partners can announce that Partner Jouko Pitkänen has been promoted to Equity Partner at Birn+Partners Finland as of March 1st2018. Jouko joined our Finnish team in May 2017. During the past 10 months Jouko has created a whirlwind of significant results and been a valued team member in developing