What is Executive Search?

Executive Search is the ability to match the right people with the right company. Besides knowledge and professional skills, the right employees also possess the right mind-set and attitude towards your strategic challenges and fit directly into your company’s culture and DNA.

Our Executive Search is characterized by a thorough search process and a rigorous selection procedure. This means that we search for your new colleague in our extensive network, databases, Birn + Partners ambassadors, and personal references. Furthermore we select potential candidates from the written applications we receive.

It’s important to distinguish between search and selection, because the right candidate is often not actively looking for a new job and thus not part of the applications to select from. Instead the right candidate is often a passive job seeker, who needs to be approached!


Why use our Search processes?

  1. We conduct in-depth interviews with key employees, which really enable us to make an elaborate analysis of what is required to be successful in your company and in the relevant position.


  1. We are located in 9 countries, which makes us really strong in delivering international cross-border services.


  1. We maximize the fit into your company culture by asking the final field of candidates to solve a company-specific case. In this way, you can be sure that your new team member is capable of solving tasks in a manner that fit your culture.


  1. We include you in the search process by keeping you updated of the progress every week. We discuss all relevant candidates with you, so you always have an overview of whom we are facing.


  1. We are your eyes and ears in the market: we monitor market trends and pick up what is being said about your company, and we provide you with the knowledge we obtain.


  1. In total, all of our consultants have more than 250 years of headhunting experience combined.


The 5 step Executive Search process


  • Company
  • Job
  • Candidate
  • Culture
  • Team


  • Advertising
  • Network
  • Databases
  • Colleagues
  • Previous Job
  • Ambassadors


  • Test
  • Dossier
  • Assessment
  • Evaluation
  • References


  • Presentation
  • Case project
  • Contract


  • Reflection meeting
  • QM