BTX Group *

“I have for the last 3 months attended the career advisory program at Birn+Partners. The experience of being without a job was new to me and my first thought was I did not need any help and would be in new job shortly – I was in for a surprise…! The handout material was excellent and easy to understand and follow. I had homework after each session and all tasks was proven to sharpen my profile and suit up for new challenges at meetings, headhunters, equity partners, owners, investors and colleagues in the business. To me the process has been very fruitful. They have been good listeners, engaged and clever to keep me on track working through my profile, competences, market value and motivation etc. Most important for me, is the confidentiality and pleasure of having someone to discuss private and professional matters with. The tools are state of the art and this process should be mandatory to all managers. You get engaged in your own future very intensively and your participation is requested and demanded.” – Michael Als Jørgensen, COO, BTX Group