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“Over the last 6-7 months I have used Birn & Partners as professional Career Advisory partners. As a newly established consulting company, it has been very valuable to have people around who have always managed to move me in the right direction. Admittedly, I was very skeptical at first, because I thought that this was “just” another normative sparring where I would just get to know what others would do in my situation. But today I am full of admiration for the special way Birn & Partners has helped my development. They have always been open and ready to see me, when needed. During the program there  where times where I was very caught up in the “project” and forgot to let them know how I was doing, then they took the lead and contacted me for an informal discussion of the situation here and now. Something I find very valuable, because you can forget “time and place” when you work hard.
Professional coaching to me is also a matter of “challenging my thoughts and ideas”  – at Birn + Partners they don´t just agree with me, and they have always been constructive and very aware of how best to help and guide me.
My journey with Birn & Partners has undoubtedly made me clarify the future, faster and better than what I could have done alone.”
Ryan Thomsen, now owner at iNSPiRE