Assessment & Development

What is Talent Assessment & Development?


Birn + Partners’ Assessment and Development services are

customized services

with focus on development of leaders and teams with your organizational strategic goals as the driving force.

Our Assessment & Development services

has been developed based on interviews with some of the largest global organizations.
By interviewing key HR executives on how they structure and use Assessment & Development, and how their processes could be improved, we have put together

flexible Assessment & Development concepts

that can be tailored to fit your organizational challenges and strategic goals.

We find the right candidates

3 Assessment & Development Services

To optimize the use of organizational resources we help you build the right Talent and Leadership Pipeline, which require a thorough assessment of your leadership and managerial potential. We have developed 3 assessment concepts that can be customized to your organizational needs:

  • Talent Assessment & Development
  • Talent Assessment
  • Executive Management Coaching

The Assessment & Development process:

Talent Assessment & Development

By focusing on talent management and individual development you can optimize the use of your organizational human resources. With the overall purpose of achieving strategic goals and improving the capacity to meet new business opportunities, our aim is to strengthen the ability of leaders and talents to develop their careers and achieve excellent business results in your organization.

Together with key stakeholders from your organization we define and assess competencies, performance, values, and personality traits that match your short- and long-term business needs. Based on the assessment we provide individual coaching and dialogue to develop your employees to fill gaps between the defined and realized competencies. The process involves interviews, reflections, dialogue, exercises, and tests. And together with the candidate we will develop a tailored and practical development plan that is motivating and has a clear-cut focus on the necessary learning.

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Talent Assessment

The Talent Assessment is based on the same structure as Talent Assessment & Development. It is focused on less parameters and as such, easy to implement with fast and significant impact on the business.

The service consists of 3 sessions with a highly competent and knowledgeable consultant, who is experienced in assessing leaders and top managers. The result of the development can be tested
6 - 9 months later by conducting a follow-up 360 degree analysis.

Typical outcome is that by helping you define your SMART development goals and your personal commitment to them, we support you in developing a concrete plan on how to achieve these development goals. Along with this you will get practical hints on how to maintain high energy and motivation during the development process.

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Executive Management Coaching

We offer various coaching sessions for top managers who has a need to discuss different business aspects related to dilemmas in specific job situations. Examples of such dilemmas are listed below. To optimize the content of the coaching sessions the very foundation of this service is a 360-degree feedback.

Examples of typical managerial dilemmas:

  • Business Challenges and relations between key stakeholders
  • Cooperation and management of conflicts
  • Set a direction on the career path
  • Organizational leadership
  • Transition and change management
  • Integration of organizations and cultures
  • etc.

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