Karris many years of experience comes from for example having worked and lived more than 10 years in four different countries in Asia and Europe. Karri has an international network and deep understanding of cultural diversity, which gives a strong base for identifying the needs and challenges many businesses face today. This combined with a
Jaana Lehtonen is now a part of a competent specialized Finnish team. Jaanas strong ability within networking, stakeholder engagement and successful coorporations combined with her resourceful background defines Jaana as a visionary and strong leader with the mantra: “Soft values lead to hard results”. Jaana is known to achieve high targets and create bold solutions
The first days out of 4 at the Ellery Beach House Stockholm, Sweden, gave the participants new and useful knowledge preparing them for effectively handling board work tasks. Speakers as well as participants delivered an energetic and engaging contribution. Birn+Partners Executive Board Education updates executives in terms of best practice in the boardrooms. See more
B+P News: Birn+Partners strengthen the presence in Finland with office no. 2. Now being present in Espoo/Helsinki and Turku. We are experiencing a large growth of business for Birn+Partners in the Nordics, the synergies between our markets are materializing, our full lifecycle service portfolio of Executive Search, Consulting and Board Services is being embraced very
All companies need from time to time an outside-in perspective, and discussions about strategy implementation, expansion plans, enlarging the service portfolio, governance, network etc. With our growth plans and strategic initiatives of introducing Board Services and Management Consulting in Finland – in addition to Executive Search – we have engaged with 3 Top Leaders in
Jukka Alanne has held various positions and built new businesses in Finland during his more then 30 years in the business. Since 2008 Jukka has also been working with headhunting, onboarding and career advisory on a professional and international level. Jukka will join the Finnish team, with whom he will continuously assist Birn+Partners customers with
Mona-Maria Ilola comes with over 20 years of experience as CEO/MD for various companies within pharma, consulting, sales, marketing and communications. Mona-Maria has a strong understanding of organizational cultures and company development practices and is fluent in speaking Danish, Finnish, Swedish and English, which contributes to her motivation for high-quality customer service and exceeding the
Emotional Intelligence versus IQ – what’s more important? Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a much-hyped concept across different areas of life and very prominently so, when it comes to job and workplace-related issues. Everyone has made the one or the other experience with surely highly intelligent people who lack any emotional or social skill whatsoever, hence
Why this topic is important to me Admittedly, diversity is not exactly a “light-footed” topic and is certainly controversial. The call for more diversity sometimes comes across as instructive or with a raised forefinger. That’s really not what I’m talking about. Rather, I would like to try to understand diversity in such a way that
The International Federation of Psoriasis Associations, IFPA, seeked a new Executive Director (CEO) to the IFPA Secretariat based in Alvik, Stockholm, Sweden, for prompt addition to the IFPA team. As Executive Director, the emphasis is on ensuring that IFPA’s activities are consistent with the organization’s overall global vision, mission and objectives, and with the mission