We are glad to present Marcus Sandell as new partner in Sweden. Marcus is a true people-person always making an effort to find solutions that are optimal for all. Having skills within various lines of businesses, Marcus contributes with expertise from being both manager and specialist and along with speaking 4 languages, makes Marcus a
Birn+Partners hereby gladly present Jukka Suotsalo as Executive Consultant at Birn+Partners, Finland. Coming from positions with both global responsibility of various business units and hands-on requirements, Jukka has a background, enabling him to be a consultant with a unique insight to organizational changes and challenges. Jukka will be a valuable asset when considering growth, development
Proudly Birn+Partners announce Henri Peltotupa as our new Executive Consultant, Finland. Henri brings with him many years of C-level experience coming from several industries. Henri’s solid background will contribute positive to all Birn+Partners services assuring customers comprehensive support when aiming for an organizational development. Let’s give a warm welcome to Henri, Birn+Partners, Finland!
Birn+Partners gladly present Julie as our student Office Assistant at Birn+Partners, Norway. Julie has 8 years of work experience and is along with being a happy, friendly and professional employee an HR-interested employee helping in particularly EWF (Executive Womens Forum) and the Norwegian department. Julie will finish her Bachelor within the summer of 2019. A

Trust is earned -not given!

This is why we are committed to give every single one of our clients our very best. We believe that honesty and integrity are our two most important qualities when challenging status quo -and we do! Call us when you need coaching, assessment analysis, a public or confidential Executive Search or inspiration from our Executive
Birn+Partners are excited to announce that Ari-Matti is now Executive Consultant at Birn+Partners, Finland. Ari-Matti has worked with many companies and as responsible for many departments/assignments during the past 20 years, which gives him a thorough and trustworthy approach to almost any type of challenge within the categories development, management and corporative transformations. Ari-Matti has
At Birn+Partners we are glad to welcome Audun Bjølgerud as new Associated Partner at Birn+Partners, Norway. Audun comes with many years of experience in the headhunting and HR market, which is accompanied with a thorough and resultoriented mindset. Audun has worked with many sectors, various assignments and a lot of complex issues and will handle
Gladly Birn+Partners proclaim that Valeria Marinetti is now Executive Consultant at Birn+Partners, Italy. Valeria has a background as Executive Director in her own company besides having worked as trainer and consultant for many companies during the past 15 years. Since 2010 Valeria has also had the title Business Coach, operating among other in the private
Birn+Partners proudly introduce Paolo Pavia as new Executive Consultant at Birn+Partners, Italy. Paolo has worked as manager in the Italian Public Administration (Chamber of Commerce) and as Director of Human Ressource in a multinational company and has obtained the inscription in the Italian National Register of Independent Performance Evaluators (O.I.V). Join us in giving Paolo
Birn+Partners is happy to announce that Søren Rytoft is now Executive Consultant at Birn+Partners, Denmark. Søren is a highly experienced manager, strategy responsible and sales leader within both international and Danish investment banking companies. Besides Søren is experienced with Board positions. Join us in welcoming Søren to Birn+Partners, Denmark!