Fast moving changes, willingness to change and adaption to variable surroundings. The future talents are met with high demands, which requires future leadership. Jouko Pitkänen, partner in Birn+Partners Finland gives a good overview of this topic.

Recruitment vs. Headhunting

There is a difference between recruitment and headhunting. This is both as definition and very often also in the quality of the result for the company seeking new employees. Few variables makes a process easier, but often the requiring assignments with many variables and a bigger interface gives a much more well thought through and
Birn+Partners welcome Maria Møller to HQ in Vejle, Denmark. Previously Maria Møller has been working with projects, events and arrangements in many types of businesses. This gives her a solid background and knowledge of assignment approach, when handling the various tasks given to her in order to assure a high level of service and quality

Trusted Advisor

What is required from a trusted advisor in the business world of the year 2018? Often trust is build during years of acquaintance, but once in a while you come across people that are trustworthy in an early phase. The foundation of Birn+Partners is trust. We work with the fact, that the trust of our