For the very first time Executive Women’s Forum (EWF) holds a networking event about the perfect Elevator Pitch. Our Danish colleague, Belinda Bramsnæs, who is specialized in headhunting of C-level candidates and board members is the inspirational speaker on this networking event letting us in on the perfect recipe for a personal elevator pitch and
Everybody is talking “digital” these days… We all know that the times are changing – digital is here to stay. For some companies the digital transformation comes more natural than others … BUT! What to do? Where to start? How to go about it? And … Who can drive this in the organization? Etc. The

B+P News: Solid entrance in the UK!

To further strengthen our European footprint and allowing us to service our clients even better in the UK, we expand our capabilities with adding 75 years of executive search experience – by partnering up with David, Neal, and Mark from Tyzack, and welcoming them to the Birn family. David, Neal, and Mark are all consultants
Industry disruption challenges all sectors at regular intervals. Large-scale, technology-driven changes have been the biggest industry-changing force over the last decades. Disruption has caused the wheels of change to rotate, whether we like it or not. The change is permanent, the strategic cycles are shortened and new solutions are sought for business models. There is
In business we could say: “if you don’t make a difference you don’t matter”. Coaching can help you ensure you do make the difference you want to make; that your organisation wants you to make… Coaching can be very powerful – coaching can change your executive performance and even change your life. The key imperative
25th of May 2018 should be a common point on all HR departments internal meetings in the upcoming time. It is the date where the new General Data Protection Regulation becomes effective, which can mean millions in fines, if things are not under control. Luckily, most companies are already mapping the massive amount of data
Assessment of mental abilities – an important predictor of successful performance When it comes to testing professionals and managers in recruitment process, usually different personality tests are used. They measure the most favourable preconditions that a person has for management-related activities as well as less developed personality aspects. It helps to choose support strategies to
By the end of the day, leadership is about having a clear long-term vision of the organization, set the direction, and secure organizational encouragement and commitment to achieving the overall strategic goals. Often new leaders are brought to an organization with the purpose of managing change towards a new culture and new ways of working

B+P Insights: «High Performance Team»

Humans in the operational – The Human Factors    1. Background Today the airplanes work. They do not fall down because of mechanical errors. In the 1980’s they did that to a greater extent. In the end of the 1970’s the American spacefaring nation NASA introduced new requirements and procedures for flight security based on experiential
According to Harvard Professor Michael Watkins it takes a new manager and leader 6-12 months to reach the break-even point of an employment – even in an organization where the fit is good and the likelihood for success is high. Professor Michael Watkins, who is also author of the book “The First 90 Days” has