Birn+Partners Academy: Strategy Alignment across borders

Keeping consultants up-to-date on market trends, challenging our customers as their trusted advisor and ensuring quality throughout 50+ consultants in 9 countries, are some of the ideas behind the Birn+Partners Academy.

The Birn+Partners Academy is a forum of videos and webinars, where consultants train, debate and help developing each other in various aspects of our business.
The webinars are hosted by a mix of consultants and external keynote speakers.

This forum ensures that wherever in the world you meet a Birn+Partners consultant, you can be sure that he/she is up-to-date on industry insights and 100% aligned with the renown Birn+Partners quality – regardless of service proposition.

Lars Holm, Academy Manager explains:
The aim of B+P Academy is to create an inspiring environment of continuous learning among all colleagues at B+P.
An environment where all share expertise, help develop each other, grow our competences and attract new colleagues.”

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