Board Education

Interested in learning how to add value as a board professional?

If your next career move is towards a board of director position, you should consider an accredited board education.

The board education will immense with physical presence 5 full days

Click here to read more about the course that started in Vejle, Denmark the 9. of September 2020 (Munkebjerg Hotel)  Danish material

The course includes pre-read, hand-outs, participation in group work and discussions.
During the course Birn+Partners provide food/beverage/coffee etc.

Are you curious to understand the strategic dimensions of the board or have an interest to develop the knowledge within finance and legislation to engage in board work, you can be certified with our board education.


  • Comprehensive understanding of the roles, responsibilities, legislation in a board of directors

  • Certificate in Board Education – the key to success

  • Inspiration from experienced board professionals

  • Insight in the financial capabilities and challenges

  • Insight in the strategic work and dilemmas

  • Practical knowledge through case work

  • Network with other executives

Birn+Partners provides Board-Educations together with respective lawyers, auditors and universities. In addition, experienced board professionals will be keynote speakers throughout the courses providing timely and relevant tips and trends from their executive career.

Course Modules

The Efficient Board

  • Tasks, roles, responsibilities, duties of a board

Board Responsibilities

  • Processes, meetings, company structures, cooperation with stakeholders and management

Financial Agenda

  • Legislation, KPI’s and reporting, accounting role, liquidity, risk management

The Human Resource

  • Assembling of a board, roles, cooperation in the board, cooperation with CEO, board recruitment

The Strategic Challenge

  • Demands for the strategic board, execution, business models and plans, implementation of strategy, the value adding board

The Operational Board

  • Different life cycles of the board, start-up, turn-around, expansion, crisis, development, sale

Why a Board Education?


  • You are already sitting in 1 or more boards without having a formal education.


  • You are interested in pursuing your first board of director role.


  • You are elected employee member of the board.


  • You would like to have an academic platform for your future board work.


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