Board Recruitment

In Birn+Partners we advise owners, management teams and board of executives across countries regarding the latest market tendencies within attracting talent, implementing strategy and enhancing organizational performance.

We help companies by attracting highly skilled professionals to the board of directors, who can make an impact and serve as trusted advisors to you. We have many years of networking with top executives, and an ability to understand different company cultures and values. We combine this with a stringent headhunting process and we can find the right persons for your board of directors.

Food for thought when hiring board members…

  • Board experience
  • Personal competencies
  • Industry knowledge
  • Strategic experience
  • Functional competencies
  • Management
  • Implementation experience

Responsibilites of a Board

  • Act on the company’s best interest and add value to the owners
  • Set the right strategy for success and control management execution
  • Succession of the management profiles
  • Control of finance and risk

The Recruitment Process

Board Search

The Recruitment Process

Board Search


Identify gaps, desire for competencies, strategy check, need for skills / diversity / technology, board composition, governance


Direct search, database search/network, headhunting, match towards jobprofile, longlist is prepared


Approval of longlist, benchmarking, cross examine profiling


Test for skills and personality, interview, assessment


Dossier, CV, test results, case


Selection, onboarding, evaluation

Questions to consider when professionalizing a board…

  • Does your board of directors mirror the outside world in terms of diversity?
  • What kind of personalities, skills, capabilities, experiences would match your strategy?
  • How do you handle onboarding, recruitment, evaluation of board members?
  • What would accelerate performance in your company?
  • Why is a contract period a good idea for board members?

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