B+P Insight: Why use Career Advisory services when letting go of a person from your organisation?

Why Use Career Advisory Services? Everyone is affected when an organisation is in transition. Managers responsible for termination decisions experience a great deal of anxiety and concern. Displaced employees must come to grips with job loss, an experience that many compare to losing a loved one. Remaining employees, worried that their jobs may be cut next, are forced to pick up the work left behind by those who were terminated. Clients and customers may begin to wonder if the organisation is stable. Much of the responsibility rests on the company to get it right and missteps can often make or break the organisation.

Career Advisory helps people come to terms with the shock of losing their job, and helps them move on quickly and positively to a new role. Career Advisory helps people to choose their next direction and prepare themselves for the job market, and guides them through the process. Turning the redundancy process into a positive move forward is good for the individual, and helps your reputation as an employer among those who have to move on.

The benefits of Career Transition Services for employers:

  • Allows a termination to be conducted correctly and sensitively
  • Eases the stress and trauma for the manager who is handling the termination
  • Helps maintain morale of remaining staff by demonstrating fairness and concern for those leaving
  • Preserves and enhances the organisation’s public image
  • Minimizes productivity decline and the negative impact on the bottom line
  • Provides an objective overview to balance the personal needs of the terminated employee with the business needs of the company


The benefits for employees:

  • Presents an opportunity to reassess personal needs
  • Enables departing employees to maintain their dignity
  • Provides a comprehensive support framework and a structured approach to job search
  • Helps the individual look to the future and a new job rather than concentrate on the losses of the past
  • Enhances transition and career skills, and coaches individuals in how to manage their career
  • Reduces the length of time it takes to make the transition to a new lifestyle or a new career
  • Assists individuals to take charge of the realignment of career and personal needs, resulting in greater personal and employment satisfaction
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