B+P Insights: HR – Are you ready for the new General Data Protection Regulation?

25th of May 2018 should be a common point on all HR departments internal meetings in the upcoming time. It is the date where the new General Data Protection Regulation becomes effective, which can mean millions in fines, if things are not under control.

Luckily, most companies are already mapping the massive amount of data which can be found in all companies. However, experience shows that many companies and even more HR departments have lost focus and overview of the daunting task it is, to be “100% compliant”.

The HR departments should move ahead strategically – and take advantage of a situation that challenges the “core business” of HR – handling data about employees and applicants. The HR departments must challenge themselves and the internal HR processes partly to abide by the law, but also to improve on the business.

The recipe is simple – gap analysis, where are the holes in relation to abiding to the General Data Protection Regulation? – It requires knowledge about the legislation but equally as much knowledge about HR processes – how do we administer wage data, CVs, contract changes etc. For most this analysis will show that the tasks exceed the available time – therefore, planning and not least prioritization is needed. In order to remove the biggest and worst challenges first.

What may appear as a devastating and overwhelming task does however, luckily present multiple benefits. First of all, the HR departments have the backing of the business to change (and implicitly improve) the processes. HR simultaneously get development projects delivered that can improve internal and external customers view on HR (and the company). For the company this means digitization of a large number of processes steps towards a “paperless HR”, which will be the cornerstone of HR in the future.

If you are interested in being challenged on the new General Data Protection Regulation as well as your HR processes – contact Kenneth Wegner.

+45 2180 5030 | kw@birn-partners.com


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