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Labour market offers great new challenges for skilled people but on the other hand it is under structural renewal and therefore it is uncertain.

It is win-win for the employee and employer when skills, competencies,
career development targets and value & culture match.

Career paths will be shorter in the future, and that requires better understanding of your own career path development tools

Role of employer in career / individual development will diminish and employees are increasingly more responsible for his/her own competence and career development

The market of MBA and Master programs are highly competitive and content needs to meet the changes on today’s labour markets and trends.

This means intensified focus in regards to

- Developing the professional skills of leaders

- Concrete ideas and support to select own future paths
based on own values, experience and competencies

We cooperate with Europe’s leading universities in master classes providing personal Career Advisory in an ever changing world, by building a bridge from the academic world to match the needs for tomorrows leadership

Course modules

Class Lecture

Individual Career Advisory appointment

Identification of general career tracks;

During this lecture we will identify the content of general career tracks. We will focus on director / manager roles and demanding specialist roles.

C-level competencies;

We will identify the key competencies needed in a C-level positions. During the session we will refer to dynamic capabilities framework. We will not focus only on large companies but also on small and midsize companies.

Value of your network;

This session will help leaders to identify the content of their network. We will find supportive ways to use our network, when trying to achieve career goals.

Ways to market yourself;

Tips to communication and CV preparations. How to prepare for the job or appraisal interview.


During the individual 2 hours appointment, we will focus on CV content of the leader and evaluate the development points, strengths and weaknesses in the document.


we will discuss his/her situation in the labour market. This means reflecting on the leaders experience and education and based on the content of class lectures, we will evalu­ate career paths and opportunities. During this discussion we will fully focus on his/her individual situation.



during this session, we will emphasize what and how to market him-/herself along with the value of his/her network.

Personal career investigation
Map the market demand versus your personal skills

Performance strengths overview
Portray your uncompromised profile and your strengths

Clarify your market value and how to exploit it

Goal reaching
Define your exact goal(s) and ambitions

Description of your next steps towards your specified goal

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