Career Advisory

You may find yourself questioning if you are in the right job? Maybe you are stuck in a moment of despair whether to follow the current career path or how to improve your personal situation for new adventures? Maybe you have lost your job and are seeking advice to re-enter in a managerial role?

Our Career Advisory program is a tailor-made journey of transition, and we promise to follow you all the way to the next career move. Our Career Advisory is based on a market survey conducted with 950 executives from all of Europe, and it focuses on individual skills, goals, and ambitions.

Career advisory helps people to choose their next direction and prepare themselves for the job market and guides them through the process. Turning the redundancy process into a positive move forward is good for the individual and helps your reputation as an employer among those who have to move on.

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All companies face change at some stage, whether on a large scale or just involving individual members of staff. A company’s reputation is often defined with how the handle the hire/fire situation.

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