Career Advisory

A tailor-made journey of transition

What is Career Advisory?

Our Career Advisory program is a tailor-made journey of transition, and we promise to follow you all the way to the next career move.

Our Career Advisory is based on a market survey conducted with 950 executives from all of Europe, and it focuses on individual skills, goals, and ambitions.

Through strategic use of network, values, and competencies your former employee can be re-directed towards new possibilities and shine and succeed in a new career path.

Career advisory helps people come to terms with the shock of losing their job and helps them move on quickly and positively to a new role.

Career advisory helps people to choose their next direction and prepare themselves for the job market and guides them through the process. Turning the redundancy process into a positive move forward is good for the individual and helps your reputation as an employer among those who have to move on.

Key findings from our survey

In this document we present some of the main conclusions from the survey that is the very foundation of our

Career Advisory Service:

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60 %

More than 60% of our attendees are in new jobs before 4 months

98 %

Birn+Partners have a satisfaction rate of 98 %

Why use Career Advisory?


Workforce realignment, restructure, downsizing, mergers, acquisitions, headcount reduction, business unit closure, relocation. These are just some of the business terms being used to explain why employees are increasingly finding themselves parting company with their current employer and out on the job market sooner than they had planned. The rapid pace of change, globalisation, and shareholder pressure to perform are forcing organizations to make constant adjustments that lead to difficult decisions regarding employees.

All companies face change at some stage, whether on a large scale or just involving individual members of staff.

How you handle that change can have a profound effect on your corporate image and employer brand. Using career advisory at times of change within your organization can help to smooth the process for all those involved.


  • You signal social responsibility, both internally and externally.
  • Maintain efficiency by making the remaining employees feel safe.
  • Optimizes retention and recruitment efforts.


  • We follow you all the way to the next step in your career.
  • With your personal values and competencies in the center we coach you on optimizing your market value.
  • We help you set a direction towards a career path that matches your interest, competencies, and that reflects your values – increasing the probability for success.
  • Exploiting our in-depth knowledge of the recruiting market we focus on your market value and where to position in the market to reach specific career goals.
  • We optimize your use of online and offline resumés and act as discussion partner when preparing for job interviews.

Develop and deliver Business Strategy through people and organization