Why this topic is important to me Admittedly, diversity is not exactly a “light-footed” topic and is certainly controversial. The call for more diversity sometimes comes across as instructive or with a raised forefinger. That’s really not what I’m talking about. Rather, I would like to try to understand diversity in such a way that
The International Federation of Psoriasis Associations, IFPA, seeked a new Executive Director (CEO) to the IFPA Secretariat based in Alvik, Stockholm, Sweden, for prompt addition to the IFPA team. As Executive Director, the emphasis is on ensuring that IFPA’s activities are consistent with the organization’s overall global vision, mission and objectives, and with the mission
Over the years, William has recruited and created numerous effective, targeted, and successful sales and management teams. Except for his background as a recruiter and CEO, he has also worked as a consultant teaching in sales and management. Running, boxing, hunting are some of the ways he likes to spend his leisure time. Please welcome
Executive coaching is an inquiry-based approach to professional development that encourages higher-level thinking to solve complex problems. Focus is key: executives have big—and at times too many—goals for their lives and careers. It is hard enough to chase one rabbit — chasing two or more is impossible. Focusing on less in a world of more
Have you experienced a successful onboarding? Hopefully, you did, but there are broad variations of companies’ onboarding processes. From the moment you walk into an office on your first day, there are a lot of new faces, processes to learn, and new IT infrastructure and tools to get used to— not to mention the tedious
Before entering the headhunting business, Mirja has worked in global sales management roles in sporting goods and electronics, OEM-products, jewellery, luxury watches and medical devices. Thus, being responsible for significant sales revenues from all over the world and Finland, in manufacturing and importing companies. In these jobs she has held positions of Commercial Director, Vice
Petri has lived in 3 countries and worked in Europe, Asia and North America, thus giving him broad international network and understanding within general management, finance, sales, marketing, HR and supply chain matters. His expertise also includes working in management positions in global Blue Chip consumer goods companies, consulting companies and start-ups. A warm welcome
Antti has a strong understanding of sales success factors. He has a history as sales director and other sales management positions and has a complete understanding of the sales organisational development often needed in executive search and consulting. He has also gained international experience in leading sales and service organisations abroad. Welcome to Birn+Partners Antti!
It’s attractive to be a part of a successful organisation. People with ambitions, high performers and people who invested in higher education will be where the best competencies are and where the best results are achieved.  To strengthen their employer brand, employers must increase diversity, create and communicate a coherent organisation where the managers are
For many years, we have put colleagues and people, in general, in boxes based on age. What generation do you belong? What are the characteristics of your age range? What is it like working with Millennials or Babyboomers?  Recent research shows that segmenting by age has lost its relevance. I have long been fascinated and