Birn + Partners are happy to announce that we have added a new Executive Consultant to our Danish team. Henrik Jakobsen will be located in our office in Ballerup from where he will assist in expanding the local activities of our business.   Henrik is an experienced executive from the project driven construction-, services- and
By the end of the day, leadership is about having a clear long-term vision of the organization, set the direction, and secure organizational encouragement and commitment to achieving the overall strategic goals. Often new leaders are brought to an organization with the purpose of managing change towards a new culture and new ways of working
Birn + Partners are happy to announce that we have added a new Executive Consultant to our Danish team. Claus Ellegaard will be located in our office in Odense from where he will support our business expand the local activities. Claus is a true networker and he brings a vast C-level network to our business

B+P Insights: «High Performance Team»

Humans in the operational – The Human Factors    1. Background Today the airplanes work. They do not fall down because of mechanical errors. In the 1980’s they did that to a greater extent. In the end of the 1970’s the American spacefaring nation NASA introduced new requirements and procedures for flight security based on experiential
According to Harvard Professor Michael Watkins it takes a new manager and leader 6-12 months to reach the break-even point of an employment – even in an organization where the fit is good and the likelihood for success is high. Professor Michael Watkins, who is also author of the book “The First 90 Days” has
It happens to me more and more when I meet customers that they share with me their difficulties in attracting and retaining high potential people. Many HR Departments are well aware that this issue could be solved by using in a well-structured plan for using Employer Branding, but often they don’t know how to manage

B+P News: Conquering the Baltics

It is with great proud that we are able to announce that Birn + Partners officially now have established a legal unit in Riga, Latvia. We will be located on 41 Dzirnavu Street, Riga. From Riga we will work focused at increasing our presence and activities in the Baltics, and we have come off to
Why Use Career Advisory Services? Everyone is affected when an organisation is in transition. Managers responsible for termination decisions experience a great deal of anxiety and concern. Displaced employees must come to grips with job loss, an experience that many compare to losing a loved one. Remaining employees, worried that their jobs may be cut

B+P Insights: The psychological contract

Changed market dynamics such as increased competition and changed customer demands, slower economic growth or even recession, globalisation, and demand for product innovation have placed pressure on organisations to be faster, more dynamic and more flexible. Another challenge facing modern organizations who can not succeed unless the people they employ commit to the strategy, mission,
Birn + Partners are happy to announce that we now have expanded our teams in Finland and Norway. In Finland we are very pleased to welcome Anita Raunio to our team. Anita is supporting our Business Development through social media, marketing and research. Ivar Thon will join our office in Oslo. Ivar contributes with an extensive experience