Coaching & Mentoring

Sometimes we all need help or sparring to unlock personal potential. Seeking advice to improve your leadership can make a world of difference for your career and personal well-being. Like in all other aspects of life we often turn to trusted advisors to improve ourselves, for change, for reflection, to unlock barriers or to get inspired.

Working with personal agenda or business issues require trust in one another. Coaching and mentoring is a personal development program providing a step change in leadership performance. We focus on the leaders’ ability, personality and leadership style.

There can be many reasons and ways to start a coaching or mentoring process. Here are some examples from our clients…

  • I want to excel my personal career and improve my leadership skills
  • I feel a lot of pressure, stress and find it difficult to deliver in my new job
  • I want to be able to embrace my team differently and better in the future
  • I have to improve team performance 20% next year – how do I start
  • I find it difficult to cope with the many stakeholders and different agenda’s
  • I need sparring to handle organizational difficulties
  • I need to find a better work-life-balance
  • I want to be a better manager
  • I need mentoring to start a transformation journey

Why? Leadership and management challenges you would like to discuss with someone else than your manager. Maybe you need inspiration and challenge of personal and business development goals.

How? Scheduled meetings in-person and online of convenience. Often 6-12 months duration to make an impact. Confidential and personal meetings, often with homework. Typical topics are: organizational development, personal goals, ambitions and performance, leadership effectiveness, team effectiveness.

Who? You as a manager, because all managers need to be inspired, challenged and to focus on personal development.

Time for a change in the organisation?