One partner for Cross-Border Assignments adds value and secures quality

Today all companies work with an international mindset. Many have production, sales and distribution in various countries with the need to embrace culture, legislation and being able to attract skilled managers in different locations around the world.

You may have digitalized the way of working, making it easier to stay in contact with colleagues all over the world without having to travel as much as before. But finding and attracting the talents locally, understanding the market mechanism and culture is still very challenging for companies.

Introducing one-stop-contact where any of our 60 consultants can help you build a bridge to other countries. We have helped clients with executive search, assessment, first 100, management consulting, legal issues, sparring on culture, mentoring on contracts and coaching individuals. Because we are one company, with shared IT, quality system and CRM, you are safe to receive same standards everywhere.

Crossborder is also multi-search, where we recruit and search for candidates in several countries. We have network, CV databases and references in 10 European countries.



40% of our clients have initiated crossborder work with us at some point.

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