Birn+Partners Executive Board Services

Birn+Partners provides Board-Educations together with respective lawyers, auditors and acknowledged board members. In addition, experienced board professionals will be keynote speakers throughout our courses providing timely and relevant tips and trends from their executive career.

Birn + Partners is an international consulting house with subsidiaries and offices in 8 countries. The common denominator for all companies is a focus on proper management and a passion for people. Together, we have more than 400 years of experience in Executive Search of managers, Management Consulting and Organizational Development as well as Management Training at MBA and Board level.
At Birn+Partners, we advise the top of the business community daily and have a strong focus on industry trends, which provides the necessary foundation to be able to contribute value creation to the education of future board members. A change-oriented and thorough approach to the constant development of the business community is our motivation for creating a professional board education that makes board members suitable for their future challenges. An education in which the importance of being the last link in the strategic decision-making process is emphasized.

Many C-level executives have the desire to contribute to other companies. We have a CV database for executives looking for board of director positions. Often we find inspiration in our CV database for the next board position.

Most companies spend much time and many resources finding the right talent for their organization, but very little effort in having a top performing board of directors or evaluating the boards performance. We find, assess and match board members to the strategy and vision of the company – sometimes with specific focus e.g. diversity, sustainability, digitalization, industry endorsement.

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