Executive Coaching

Coaching is a personalized development program providing a step change in leadership performance

Executive coaching differs from standard training methods or education, by focusing on:

  • the leaders’s ability
  • personality
  • leadership style

combined with the understanding of the organizational complexity and influence of stakeholders.

Psychometric profiling and feedback on leadership attributes

Executive coaching typically starts with psychometric profiling and feedback on a range of leadership attributes including:

  • personality
  • leader derailers
  • emotional intelligence
  • personal values

It may also involve skill and behaviour assessment in the areas of business acumen, management competencies and 360-degree feedback.

From this the executive’s leadership profile is derived, indicating areas of relative strength or leadership gap.

Your dedicated and trusted partner in Executive Management Coaching

Frequent and confidential setting

  • We work closely with you for a 6-12 month period, meeting frequently in a confidential setting.

Practice activities and behavioural homework

  • Practice activities and behavioural homework are undertaken by the executive and reviewed at the start of each coaching session.

Private and confidential sessions

  • All sessions are private and confidential, and have the single purpose of supporting the executive to achieve their professional leadership goals.
  • In this regard, the coach is solely dedicated to the executive’s needs and will act as a trusted confidant and partner in their professional development.

What succes looks like...?

We have deep insight into what success looks like in the C-suite and the various kinds of behavior that are most relevant to achievement in business.

Because our consultants come directly from industry or professional services, we know what it’s like to face the pressures you face.

More than 80 of our consultants have completed a two-year coaching-skills training program.

Through our extensive network, they are closely connected to world-leading experts in the field of senior executive development, enabling us to bring the best intervention to your specific needs.

Studies show that many organizational members can improve their performance significantly

by creating a framework for opportunities to better utilize their full potential within your organization.

Our Executive Management Coaching puts the potential of leaders and managers into focus.

Through dialogue, coaching, and active feedback leaders can gain a better understanding of how to optimize

their efforts in the organization.

Time for a change in the organisation?