Have you ever wondered why some managers make a huge impact in short time and why others never make success?

Talents are a scarce resource today. Attracting them can be difficult. Expectations are high. Difficulties are many. The success rate of performance is low. Time is of essence.

We have conducted surveys among 8000 executives in Europe. One of the key findings were to accelerate performance of new managers. 600 participants helped us create guidelines, whitepaper, processes to optimize organizational fit and shared their experiences of success/failure as a new manager.

We expect highly skilled executives, to make an impact from day 1, but in real life there are many obstacles such as: alignment of priorities, stakeholder management, communication, success criteria, strategy fulfillment, finance and culture issues, legacy, gaps of focus, responsibilities, team capabilities, expectations.

Facts from our market survey:


  • 70% have no plan
  • 98% did not make changes the first 100 days because they needed a better basis for decision
  • 65% wish they had prioritized their time differently
  • 35% is not in the job after 18 months

Why structure onboarding FIRST 100 days?


  • ROI after 3 months, safeguarding your investment
  • Bridge the gap between different expectations from peers and management
  • Facilitates the new leader’s ability to contribute to the new role
  • Accelerates performance and the ability to execute
  • Optimizes the understanding of role, responsibility, success criteria, strategy
  • Focus on short and long-term KPI´s and enhancing productivity
  • Guided process with individual coaching - increasing the new leaders’ comfort level in the role
  • SWOT of leadership
  • Team assessment of personnel

Want to make progress

personally and as executive?