Executive Search

Finding the right talent or executive to fit in your organization is an important task and often very difficult. We can help you as we have helped +700 clients in Europe over the years.


Matching culture can be even more difficult and often the reason why some employments are very short and dysfunctional. A thorough analysis and a dialogue with multiple stakeholders should take bias into account.

Matching expectations can be difficult and often clients want to clone elements from various candidates into 1 person having all the skills, personality, track-record, experience. In real life today candidates pick their manager and other elements such as ESG, diversity, sustainability, flexibility is proven more important than ever before. With combined 400 years of Executive Search we know how to attract talent and be the trusted advisor for clients and candidates.

Some clients focus on saving 1000 euro, or 1 week’s time, or having long payment terms to vendors….

We focus on quality in representing our clients and the trust given to us. We focus on providing a pool of great candidates making it difficult for the client to choose. We focus on repeat business. We focus on being one stop for clients with our large service portfolio as a team.

Our Search services?

In-depht interviews

  • We conduct in-depth interviews with key employees, which really enable us to make an elaborate analysis of what is required to be successful in your company and in the relevant position.

Cross-Border Services

  • We are located in 8 countries, which makes us really strong in delivering international Cross-Border services and multi-market search for the best talent.

Company-specific case

  • We optimize the fit into your company culture by asking the final field of candidates to solve a company-specific case. In this way, you can be sure that your new team member is capable of solving tasks in a manner that fit your culture.

Weekly update of the progress

  • We keep you updated during the search process every week. We discuss all relevant candidates with you, so you always have an overview of whom, we are facing.

Monitoring market trends

  • We are your eyes and ears in the market. We monitor market trends and pick up what is being said about your company, and we provide you with the knowledge, we obtain.

400 years of headhunting experience

  • In total, all of our consultants have more than 400 years of headhunting experience combined.






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