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Norway is often  referred to as a world leader and pioneer in gender equality, and Norwegians proudly present a gender balance within the political arena as well as the boards of publicly owned companies. State-owned enterprises are also following suit here, but the alarming truth is that the positive results are due to Norwegians using strong central management and quotas as tools in order to gain gender equality.
As a contrast, within the Norwegian private sector, where owners and boards regulate the policies themselves, the proportion of women in management is alarmingly low. According to the ILO (International Labour Organization) statistics, Norway is ranked as low as  50th in terms of the proportion of women in leadership - this is below countries such as Rwanda and Colombia to name just two.
In other words, Norway still has some serious work to do if they are to live up to their image and reputation as one of the most gender equal countries in the world -and most likely many other countries may be in a likely situation.

At Birn + Partners, we are concerned with this issue, as we deliver all the current services of the Birn+Partners Group, including executive search, on-boarding, assessment and development and career advisory services.
We believe that our industry, as well as the management and HR department in the organization, has an important role to play in securing gender balance in all sectors in all countries.
If we are to reach our goals, we must all understand the complexity of this challenge and we must all seek solutions in order to make sure that competent women are being equally considered when recruiting to the top management.

This is why we at Birn + Partners have established Executive Women's Forum - with Norway being the first country to launch the concept.  Everyone at Birn + Partners shares the ambition of Executive Women’s Forum: To bring more qualified women to executive positions and boardrooms in the private sector.
Our broad experience and profound knowledge about how women and men communicate and act differently in job seeking, job interviews and when delivering their executive pitch, has resulted in a number of tools that we want to share with our members.

If you are a female leader with top executive ambition, a membership with the EWF, is the best investment you will make this year. Join us today!

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