How to be an Attractive Employer – with focus on the result

It’s attractive to be a part of a successful organisation. People with ambitions, high performers and people who invested in higher education will be where the best competencies are and where the best results are achieved. 

To strengthen their employer brand, employers must increase diversity, create and communicate a coherent organisation where the managers are given right prerequisites. Further, it’s essential to support the line managers in their personal development in connection to their roles.

All managers must be given the opportunity to do a great job. Right organisational conditions contribute to the attractiveness of the line management role. They are thus contributing to the individual’s success in career development. Recent research made on managers’ terms and conditions shows significant differences between organisational conditions within various organisations. Also, they are consistently unevenly divided between female-dominated and male-dominated operations.

Large recruiting requirements have led to higher competition for existing employees and managers. Excessive turnover among managers makes it difficult to control and develop the business. Therefore, it is of the highest interest to create engagement and loyalty among key employees. It must be clear that everyone has the same opportunities to realise their potential and that the prerequisites to succeed in their mission are good.

How can I, as a leader, drive the work within Employer Branding forward?

  • Create right organisational conditions for managers to perform good leadership
  • Ensure that the managers’ conditions and competence development are essential and vital, also at the top management level.
  • Be clear about that a line management role requires other skills than being a specialist. 
  • Work with the values that characterise the attitudes in the organisation and the attitudes towards the management.
  • Place talent management and talent acquisition to be on the top management’s strategic plan. 
  • Create incentives for managers to focus on the development of their employees
  • Offer managers support in coaching and challenging their employees.
  • Communicate career and development opportunities to make it attractive for the majority in the organisation. 
  • Be fast-paced in identifying, developing and build loyalty with talents in the organisation who has the potential to take a more considerable responsibility.
  • Build transparency and involvement in criteria’s for, for example, recruitment and promotions
  • Try new talents! Don’t always choose them who already has experience from line management. If you do so, the underrepresented group gets fewer opportunities.
  • Highlight best practice and focus on the results within each managers organisation.


Birn+Partners consists of a team of senior consultants with many years of own experience of working in executive management as well as recruitment and coaching of other managers and the development of management teams.

Let’s meet to discuss how we together can increase the attractiveness of your organisation, develop your employer branding and secure your talent management to achieve the best result.

By Jonas Bengtsson, Partner & Executive Consultant, Birn+Partners Sweden

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