Leadership Development

Business Case

A market leading supplier to the building industry needed a renewed focus on leadership, communication and values in the management group.

Birn+Partners conducted a management assessment and development program with the following goals:

  • Improve the company’s overall performance in each departmentImprove the company’s overall performance in each department
  • Improve employee satisfaction and motivation
  • Get leadership on the management agenda
  • Create a common leadership platform, values and tools
  • Ensure better and clearer communication between managers and departments

The assessment process identified the following challenges:

Lack of common leadership toolbox.

Unclear and limited communication

Micromanagement and lack of delegation

High employee turnover

No focus on 1:1 dialogue and employee development.

The management group consisted of a group of managers with long company experience but little management experience and a few new managers with some management experience.

Change management is a leadership discipline seeking to redirect employees and managers to new working processes and structures.

A prerequisite for successful change is when the organization has a commitment, a sense of urgency or momentum, stakeholder engagement,openness, clear vision, good and clear communication, strong leadership, and a well executed plan.

"Change is the only constant."– Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

Whether you're considering a small change to one or two processes
or a system wide change to an organization,
it's common to feel uneasy and intimidated by the scale of the challenge.

You know that the change needs to happen, but you don't really know
how to go about delivering it. Where do you start?
Whom do you involve? How do you see it through to the end?

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The right management is a key criteria for great results.