Big decisions come with big risk. When dealing with people there are many facets of personality, capability and motivation to consider. How can you be sure to promote the right person? How can you verify they are fit for the challenge? What will happen when they experience stress and large workload? How can you identify the needs for improvement and the obstacles causing it, with your current management? How can you assess persons in a critical job function? How can you buy a guarantee to success?

We can help you with unbiased analysis

Analysis of organizational needs

We analyze organizational needs and gain insight into strategic ambitions and challenges, often through stakeholder perspectives typically by interviews.

Interviews and test

We interview and test stakeholders based on psychometric analysis tools and feedback. We assess skills and managerial capabilities.

Results of assessment

A written report and a personal feedback session with in-depth discussion and clarification of organizational and individual needs for development.

Two services our clients often request…


Personality test, cognitive test, competence interview of existing managers or teams in your organization to analyze and match with current or future demands in your company.

2nd opinion

Personality test, cognitive test, reference check, competence interview of candidates in your own recruiting process to analyze possible fit in the organization and to the specific role.

Develop your organization through a transformation process