Management Assessment

The right management is one of the key criterias for achieving great results

Often you face a team that is not aligned. A team that need the same level of ambition and commitment to the strategy and the execution power. Typically, it is a challenge to get a common perception of what the strategy is intended to achieve or what roles, responsibilities, and interaction the management team should aim at, when looking into their common leadership agenda.

Leadership Performance Assessment is based on the competences a management group needs to have in order to be able to execute on the company’s strategic ambitions.

We assess to what extent the managers and team possess the necessary competences and we provide feedback on individual and team level.

This feed back clarifies areas needed to develop in order to achieve the greatest effect for the organization.

Analysis of organizational needs:

Gain insight into your strategic ambitions and challenges through stakeholder perspectives
- typically through interviews with
board members, management team and other
key resources.

Interviews and test:

The stakeholders are interviewed twice based on psychometric analysis tools and 360-degree feedback. Interviews will be conducted by our Senior partners and consultants with the purpose of assessing level of skills and managerial capabilities.

Results of assessment:

The results from the assessment will form the foundation for an in-depth discussion and clarification of the needs for development on both organizational and individual level.
Also offered as a cross-border service.

Birn + Partners’ Assessment and Development services are:

Customized Services

with focus on development of leaders and teams with your organizational strategic goals as the driving force.

Our Assessment & Development services

has been developed based on interviews with some of the largest global organizations.
By interviewing key HR executives on how they structure and use Assessment & Development, and how their processes could be improved, we have put together

Flexible Assessment & Development concepts

that can be tailored to fit your organizational challenges and strategic goals

Once we have formed a clear picture of an executive’s capabilities, we can partner with you regarding possible development of the management.

We offer customized programs for individuals and teams.

Develop your organization through a transformation process