Executive Onboarding

Executive Onboarding – the first 100 days

Onboarding is a process meant to ensure that leaders adapt and become full contributors in the organization – faster, better, and with fewer problems. Birn + Partners’ customized Onboarding program is an effective and individual process that provides your new manager with the knowledge and insight normally gained after 12 months in a new job in only 100 days. The structure of the program is based on a market survey conducted with 600 top executives and facilitates a truly efficient integration of the transition.

  • Facilitates the new leader’s ability to contribute in the new role – 100 day plan
  • Accelerates the ability to execute and ROI
  • Optimizes the understanding of role and responsibility
  • Focus on short and long-term KPI’s, jobprofile, success criteria
  • Reinforces the decision to join the company and maximize retention rate
  • Enhances productivity
  • Encourages commitment and employee engagement
  • Feedback from all stakeholders to the new manager
  • Thorough insight into the personal profiles of team members, own manager, colleagues, and stakeholders

Key findings from the survey

  • 60% have no onboarding plan

  • 98% are missing understanding of the team, culture and values

  • 65% prioritized their time inefficiently

  • 35% are not in the job one year later

Why use Onboarding?

  • We act as an impartial coaching partner, who can facilitate an open-minded and honest integration process.
  • We help the manager set a strategic direction by guiding the formulation of a 100 days personal business plan. Thus, enhancing the manager’s ability to make and execute on the right decisions.
  • We secure a fast positive return on employment.
  • We help the new manager create a strong communication platform by analyzing the employees and managers closest to the position.
  • We maximize the new manager’s fit to the company culture by conducting a 360° survey amongst managers and employees closest to the position, enabling alignment of expectations and adjustment to culture.
  • The program optimizes integration into the organization and improves retention rates.
  • We coach on value creation, business results and we provide the new manager with expert advice collected from 600 top executives, which will improve your new manager’s decision processes.

Amongst the things we offer you as part of our Onboarding program are:

  • The guideline portfolio – expert advice from 600 managers. – Market survey, introduction and pre-readings.
  • Joint work on your personal business plan for the first 100 days. – Enhancing communication platform.
  • Personal Profile Analysis from management team and employees. – Optimizing integration results.
  • Coaching on value creation and business results. – Enabling execution and performance.
  • 360 evaluation from manager, colleagues, employees and stakeholders. – Generating feed-back on your entry and insights for further adjustment.