Leadership consulting

Leadership consulting is about leading and managing individuals toward achieving a strategic organizational goal

With improvement of leadership to teams and individuals, we bring you to the next level and prepare current and future leaders to perform towards achieving a strategic organizational goal. Building and shaping the right team is a process and a journey where success is not only complimentary skill set and potential but also about trust, integrity and chemistry.

Allow your organization to develop the leaderships competencies and culture needed to meet specific challenges and business realities is important to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Examples of services within consulting are; assessment of individuals and teams, coaching and career advisory, strategy implementation.

Importance of Team Management in a organisation

Building the right team and getting it aligned is one of the most important parts of leadership. It is a process and a journey, where success is not only about complimentary skill sets and potential but also about trust, integrity and chemistry. Team building is an essential part of work in any company. It does not matter which sector you work in; the principles are universal.

Birn+Partners customized services allow organizations to develop the leadership competencies and culture needed to meet specific challenges and business realities.

7 Steps to 'Build Great Teams'

Building Trust

The team consists of people who have their own and unique way of going about work. They can agree or disagree on certain aspects and even recommend changes. When working in a team, there will be exchange of information and resources.

A good manager will trust the team members and let them complete the work. This will build confidence in the team members.

Create a competive atmosphere

One of the best ways to encourage team members to work is to create an atmosphere that is conducive for work. This is possible by providing some kind of incentive to individuals or groups.

You will be encouraging team members to think out of the box and create new plans and ideas. The competitive spirit once kindled can go a long way to ensure that the work will be highly productive.

Focus on common interests

It will be easy to get the work done if all the team members are given well defined roles. Each one of them must be aware of the work they have to do and the role they play in the team.

Team members must have common goals and a strategy in place to achieve them. This means mutual cooperation for different work areas and shared information.

Conflict Resolution

There is no team present in the world which does not have any disagreements. These are bound to happen as many people associated with the team have a different way of thinking. 

It takes motivated minds and a positive attitude to resolve the inner conflicts of teams. Those that can handle them well will be able to work with all and deliver fantastic results.

Create a team identity

This is to motivate team members and make them be loyal to each other from a work point of view. Some of the great companies of the world follow this practice of creating a team identity.

Events such as project completion, promotions can be a part of team activities. The members can associate with the team’s name and follow a common value system for all work-related tasks.

Recognize team achievements

The best way to motivate a team to work harder is to recognize their efforts. There are individuals who sometimes contribute towards the team and make sacrifices.

When their efforts get recognized across the team, it gives them a sense of achievement. This in turn will have a ripple effect on the entire team as everyone is now motivated to perform better.

Build healty working relationships

The concept of working in a team does not mean that you stick only to work. You can connect with a team member at a personal level and get to know how he/she reacts in a particular situation. 

A good manager will foster healthy relationships with team members. They know that keeping the team in a positive frame of mind directly affects the work output. It is important for team members to know each other and create a working relationship.

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Birn+Partners helps clients navigate the future through executive search, leadership consulting and board services. We focus on being one stop for you with our large service portfolio as a successful organization need today. The key differentiator for our services are the 8000 European executives that have participated in developing and adjusting our service portfolio so we can deliver the talents of tomorrows success.

Our 60 global consultants across 12 offices in 8 countries are strong in delivering world class talents and helping in building high performing teams in organizations. All consultants are experienced former business leaders that know the different opportunities and challenges ahead.

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