Strategic Consulting

Consulting is the ability to assist a company's top management to develop and deliver business strategy through people and organization

What is Consulting from Birn+Partners?


At Birn + Partners we focus on people.
Business development and organizational development are two aspects of the same case. The top management must ensure the development of people and organization so that the entire organization can participate in the development of the business.

Consulting advisory from Birn + Partners is:

  • Developing strategies for profitable and sustainable growth
  • Designing organization and governance that supports the strategy
  • Organizing and facilitating the implementation and the necessary ongoing transformation of people and organization
  • Simultaneously developing leadership and leadership to deliver the chosen strategy
  • Optimize the use of resources and the collaboration across the value chain

Why use Birn+Partners Consulting Services?


Because you create growth and better results when you agree on what to do and get it done! The management teams’ cooperation on the strategic development means more to the results than the strategy plan itself.
The most performance-enhancing thing a company can do is develop the ability of the management and the organization to do the right things - right.

Birn + Partners focuses on:

  • Strategic clarification in top management
  • The important and the right things on the agenda
  • Common understanding of situation, ambitions and opportunities for action
  • Focused strategic action plan
  • Development of strategic ability and drive

Birn + Partners organizes development and change processes in involving work processes, which at the same time develop the business, the management and the organization. With a look for the long term and focus on execution.


Birn+Partners organize and facilitate the development process. Along with the customer, we wonder and constantly evaluate on challenging questions. We happily assist with organizing or carrying out the necessary analyzes to help assure plans are based on knowledge.

Accelerate ROI and optimize organizational fit for a new leader