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Our History

Our vision is to become trusted advisor for our clients.

We add value to clients by attracting talent, developing organizational leadership and delivering board services. A Birn+Partners consultant understand the businesses of our clients matching personality, competencies and strategy.

We provide a full service portfolio to the lifecycle of a any manager or leadership team,  assisting in phases of growth, turn-around, professionalizing, internationalizing, succession and development

Birn+Partners was founded by Mikkel Birn on April 1st 2013.

The vision was to grow and develop a European based company into an international consultancy, by delivering Executive Search, Consulting and Leadership Training services. Our focus is great leadership and helping our clients to  succeed with our advice and services.

An important goal was, and still is, to build a company where everyone - employees, customers, candidates and owners are proud to be involved. However, the number one ambition was set and communicated by Mikkel Birn from the very beginning;

  • It is only when we become the preferred partner as trusted advisor to our customers, we have achieved our goals
    Mikkel Birn

“Becoming our clients trusted advisor”

is the vision for Birn+Partners.

All our consultants aim to fulfill the clients need for an authentic and present advisor. One that will be genuinely interested in providing strategic advice and help them overcome tomorrow’s challenges.

It is apparent that Birn+Partners challenge the old traditional ways of the HR industry by being more transparent and more involved in the client's DNA. We believe our approach fosters greater results for everyone involved and our clients have shown the gratitude of continuous business and referrals, allowing the company to grow more than 20% annually.

Birn+Partners is powered by entrepreneurship and a winning team spirit.

Today - more than 50 dedicated consultants and equity partners in 8 countries, with +300 years of combined executive and HR experience, are on a mission to deliver high quality services to international companies.

Our mindset is “thinking internationally, acting locally”.

Us being ready and able to follow clients internationally, has created a sound footprint in Europe. 15 % of our turnover comes from cross-border business between the markets, pursuing clients’ need for global presence.

It's all about Trust, Business Insight and Network

It is an acknowledged fact that executive search and consulting is all about the following three attributes:
Trust, Business Insight, and a Sound Network.

These three qualities cannot be bought, nor imitated. The only way to obtain this, is to ensure that every single one of our Birn+Partners employee, finds real purpose in joining and committing to our vision and values. In other words, the elements of TRUST must become our inner compass.

Trust is earned - not given!

As we all know, trust is earned, not given! This is why we are committed to give every single one of our clients our very best. We believe that honesty and integrity are our two most important qualities, when challenging status quo - and we do!

Always being truthful and forthright, gives us the opportunity to provide our clients with a valueable second opinion. We will challenge and nudge all our relations, but we will never compromise our personal or professional integrity. We are true to our ethics code of conduct, and we treat everyone we meet with the utmost respect - that being our clients, candidates or colleagues.

Our job as a trusted advisor is to provide our clients with insight and knowledge, in order to enhance their decision making and business performance. This is where our entrepreneurial spirit comes into play. As advisors, we are highly qualified, but we are also notoriously curious. With a flair for business, combined with a genuine interest in customer challenges and their DNA, we offer innovative solutions to complex problems.

And last, but not least - we humbly accept the fact that we are only allowed to do so, when we have become a TRUSTED advisor.


Becoming our clients most trusted advisor





The Birn+Partners timeline

Birn+Partners Denmark Aps is founded
Entering UK


Birn+Partners Finland Oy
Birn+Partners Italy srl


Birn+Partners Norway AS


Entering the Baltics


Birn+Partners Germany GmbH


Birn+Partners Sweden AB


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