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As Executive Search Consultant you will develop a client portfolio across several industries, being proactive in facilitating meetings with potential clients as CEO, Owner, Private Equity or HR.  The position include work in strategic, tactical and operational settings covering everything from the dialogue with the CEO about the strategy roll-out, to assessing managers, to finding the right talent for specific roles being both the sales person and project manager in the delivery. You will receive onboarding training and mentorship in sales and delivery from our own Academy and side-by-side learning on the job.

We work individually and as a team, both in industry segments and across borders with colleagues from other affiliates. The position calls for skills and experience from international management, understanding the needs of our clients in fulfilling international growth, organisational development, attracting talents in a global context. As trusted advisor to top management you should be able to understand the many agendas in an organisation, have the ability and insight to match the need and understanding of next steps needed for the management and be able to challenge our clients intelligently.

Responsibilities of a Birn+Partners Consultant:

  • Executive Search
  • New business sales
  • Develop own client portfolio
  • Assessing individuals and teams
  • Coaching and career counselling to managers in their personal leadership
  • Headhunting the best talent to our clients
  • Be a strategic sparring partner to clients 
  • Contribute with Best Practice knowledge sharing

Requirements to a Birn+Partners Consultant:

You are strong in establishing personal relations to top management and you are comfortable in the counselling dialogue with clients.
You have several years of experience from international management positions from which you have created a solid platform and understanding of business structures and organisational development in larger enterprises.

We expect wide organisational competencies and insight in company structures, and hereby being able to give advice and counselling to our clients.

Competencies of a Birn+Partners Consultant:

  • Proven sales and management track record, preferably from executive search
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to sell ideas to multiple stakeholders
  • Business integrity and understanding being able to transfer business needs to value-adding processes and concepts
  • Organisational sensitivity – understands culture and organisational dynamics
  • Solid experience with team development and process facilitation
  • Fluent in English and local language

Personality of a Birn+Partners Consultant:

  • Extrovert
  • Result oriented
  • Taking initiative and being proactive in sales and leadership
  • Commercial approach
  • Strategic mindset
  • Ability to communicate, present and influence
  • Team oriented

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Internal Education and Best Practice

At Birn+Partners we accept the fact, that change is the only constant. Continuously we offer education across borders for all employees through our internal academy, assuring common best practice.
As Birn+Partners Executive Consultant you will be certified in the test tools supporting our defined company processes.

The Birn+Partners international file sharing system and CRM system, is a part of the common Birn+Partners foundation supplying all employees with years of inspiration, data, best practice procedure descriptions, marketing material and much more. We seek to learn from each other and pass on the good stories hence assuring equally high standards in the entire organisation wherever possible.

Birn+Partners runs a thorough Onboarding programme during the first weeks to ensure a quick and smooth start up.


Birn+Partners employee, hired 2015

"Birn+Partners quickly had me feeling like I had been in the company for weeks. The onboarding programme gave me confidence in what I had to learn, certainty of the professional level, concrete answers to questions important to me and also a solid base to look back on later in my Executive Consultant career. I felt very welcome and enjoyed how my new colleagues reached out from the very beginning. It was clear to see, that they were all used to contributing and being met with an open-minded approach from both other colleagues and the management."


Birn+Partners is an international consultancy company with +50 consultants in own subsidiaries across Europe. As trusted advisors to top management we provide a range of management services:
Executive Search, Organisational Leadership, Consulting, Leadership development, Onboarding and Board Education.

We help our clients by assessing and developing their managers, and by finding executive talents who can develop the company and execute on strategy. Our own market surveys conducted with 8000 top European executives as respondents support and validate our services.

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