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B+P Case: Gumlink


Through the whole recruitment process B+P has demonstrated great engagement and has been able to understand our business and challenges, which has caused the presentation of good candidates, who all matched our requirements and wishes. Read more

B+P News: What to look for in a resumé

As a new manager or unexperienced in hiring staff to the company the learning curve with regard to reading resumés is steep. In this Birn + Partners insights we provide you with some suggestions on how to make you more efficient when reading resumés. Read more

Career Opportunity: Norway


Som Salgssjef vil ha det totale salgs- og kontraktsansvaret for våre kommunale kunder. Du vi lede og ha ansvaret for Salgsavdeling Kommune og avdelingen vil være OneMed sitt ansikt mot avtale-ansvarlige, faggrupper, institusjonsledere og brukere. Read more