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    B+P News: Pål Bjørdal, New Senior Executive Consultant at Birn+Partners, Norway

    We are glad to present Pål Bjørdal as new Executive Consultant in Norway. Pål comes with international experience and has had several CXO positions. Lately Pål has focused on start-ups within the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. His technical knowledge and business development expertise makes him an exciting consultant in any problem-solving and ...

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With more than 300 years of combined executive search and consulting experience our consultants have the knowledge and insight you are looking for. We team up locally and globally to match your expectations for specific industry knowledge or desire to have a multimarket search involving several countries. With an international footprint we have industry specific practice groups and consultants with deep understanding of your specific need, target and market trends.


These are the three keywords that best describe Birn+Partners. Of course, each consultant's international mindset is also a key parameter. But, our value creation is based in trustworthy relationships to our clients. Relations where we can be honest and share our opinions in the dialogue, without the consultant having to compromise with his/her personality

All our market operations begin with professionalism, which is reflected in the real-life experience each consultant brings to our clients, and the persistency to deliver great results.

What we do?

We find tomorrow’s talent - today

Headhunting is about trust, business insight, and network – three things impossible to buy or imitate.

Over the years, we have developed a proactive multichannel search process engaging a team of colleagues to match the right candidate with the right job. We do this by using our trained researchers, utilizing our extensive network and previous workplaces, and activating personal references and Birn + Partners ambassadors. More than 90% of all the candidates chosen by our clients are found through our network.

In the end, filling a vacant position is one thing, but finding the right person with the right mindset, attitude, personality, and potential to grow with your organization is another.

Getting on board is only half the job – however, creating a healthy platform for increasing the ability to make crucial business decisions and set a direction is vital for your success and retention rate

Congratulations! You got the new job and the flowers on your desk from your new colleagues are still fresh and blooming. You have been introduced to the organization, the products and services, and you have been introduced to your new colleagues and team members. Now you are ready to deliver, right? 

Of course not. When getting off to a fresh start in a new organization planning is crucial if you are to navigate the various interests, dilemmas, conflicts, choices, decisions, and personal challenges you have never before experienced. Becoming an established leader, one who possesses the insight and knowledge relevant for making the right decisions and setting a clear direction requires a tailor-made process based on a solid business plan and communication platform supported by an unbiased actor who is not embedded in the organizational culture and mindset. 

We call this process the Onboarding phase, and we are right here to help you prepare for your first 100 days.

Your employees is your most valuable, both asset today and in the future, and we support you in focussing on future strategic use of this asset – today

Basic organizational knowledge is that you cannot perform and live up to your strategic goals if your employees do not deliver accordingly. Multiple reasons can exist as to why your employees are not performing as you wish: low level of engagement, lack of competence, and a mismatch between organizational and personal values, just to name a few. How do you identify their development potentials, and develop them accordingly?

By having your strategic goals, current challenges, and organizational values as the focal point we conduct an assessment of your key employees in terms of competences and personality. When a gap exists between where you are, and where you want to be, we help develop hands-on development plans and guarantee their implementation. You will experience more engaged employees who will increase the performance level. As such, our Assessment & Development concepts help you optimize the use of your organizational human resources. 

To better customize our Assessment & Development service to your specific challenges we have developed three flexible concepts.

We help managers looking for new challenges succeed in the job transition

Helping leaders and executives take the next step in their careers is a vital part of our work. Whether you have had to let go of your leader, or if you as a leader, is in the transition towards new career challenges, we are able to help you. Our Career Advisory programme is a tailor-made development process where we support you to sharpen your focus on your competences, personal values, market value, and network. 

Our aim is to help you discover which career step is ideal for you, help you create a solid communication platform for you to communicate your market value and brand yourself towards the next career challenge, and finally support you in using your network strategically when ready to the next step.

Our promise is to follow you all the way to your next career challenge!

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