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Diversity, equity and inclusion

It is in our fundamental values to support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I).

We believe that committing to DEI create better leaders, organisations, and businesses. Committing to DEI builds a more sustainable and confident future that thrives.

Our colleagues across Europe bring together different backgrounds, experiences, cultures, genders, and orientations. Our different and unique backgrounds make us stronger, more agile, and innovative.

We at Birn+Partners achieve DEI through our internal and external work. We actively listen to our partners, challenge clients and employees´ ideas and voices on DEI.

We commit to build an inclusive Birn+Partners organisational culture that recognises and values all kind of roles, backgrounds, voices, and contributions. It is a priority for us to develop and advance diverse and underrepresented talent across the firm.

At Birn+Partners we represent more than 10 different nationalities, a gender split of 50/50 and aging from 21 to 72 years.


We have educated researchers and consultants to understand our high standard research and recruitment processes that follows our DEI commitment. Through our commitment to DEI, we can find the most suitable candidates in our recruitment process and find the best possible solution for our clients.

We have a partnership with SelectionF that builds bridges between female candidates and the modern boardroom. SelectionF mediates the contact between competent and experienced businesswomen with companies and corporations, who wish to develop a more diverse board. 

SelectionF helps boards make the active choice. SelectionF operates across the entirety of the Nordics.

Our consultants, researchers, and partners are held accountable for creating and maintaining diverse and inclusive teams. Setting clear expectations for  our consultants and partners will hold us accountable and sustain our DEI commitment.

Birn+Partners commits to educate and keep our own team accountable and for developing DEI in all aspects in our business.