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Group 5


Our vision is to be a Trusted Advisor to our clients. A Trusted Advisor is for us a consultant who is close to our clients’ needs and their organisational development at all times.

We work individually and as a team, both in Practice Industry Teams and across borders with colleagues from other affiliates. It demands knowledge, skills, and experience from international management, understanding the needs of our clients in fulfilling international growth, organisational development, attracting talents in a global context.

Our work is about 3 things: trust, business insight, and network.

We have our own Academy with training sessions both as webinars and conferences to secure top performance delivery. The aim of our Academy is to share expertise, help develop each other and grow our competences. We want to meet our customers with up-to-date knowledgde and relevant insight to be the trusted advisor. We foster a learning environment to develop individuals and us as a team.

The core of our culture that share every aspect of our business are our values. We have 4 guiding principles that dictates our presence.

We have many ideas and we should follow and test them all. Only this way we can keep developing ourselves and the company and stay attractive for clients.

We speak our mind and give advice. We say no to obscure deals. We are able to interest our clients in our capabilities by representing trust and authentic advice.

We carry each other always. The experience of quality with one consultant is the clients’ reference of the entire company. We must make sure we always are in sync with our values and quality and deliver added value.

We have professional employees, marketing and business support, academy training, best practice templates for all purposes to secure and align high quality standard.

We do our outmost to help our clients navigate the future by delivering and developing the talents of tomorrow's success.