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Career Advisory & Transition

The rapid pace of change, globalisation and shareholder pressure to perform are forcing organizations to make constant adjustments, which lead to difficult decisions regarding employees.

Workforce realignment, restructure, downsizing, mergers, acquisitions, headcount reduction, business unit closure, relocation. These are just some of the business terms being used to explain, why employees are increasingly finding themselves parting company with their current employer and out on the job market sooner than they had planned.

At Birn+Partners we work with the entire lifecycle of leadership: attraction, onboarding, interim, development, assessment, career advisory, education.

To most people losing a job constitutes a significant change. A change that includes a variety of thoughts and feelings, which can be difficult to handle. When changes happen, we tend to react both emotionally and physically.

Understanding your own reactions can ease the way out of the change process. By identifying own reactions and relating to them, you are able to keep an overview and stay focused throughout the change process.

One of the main reasons why changes are seen as difficult to go through is that change is often connected to loss. That may be the loss of a job, income, colleagues, responsibilities, prestige etc., which is vital to most people – loss of control.

 At Birn+Partners we offer career advisory, regardless of whether your wish is founded in dismissal, possible advancement or a wish for a future career change.

We aim to establish an accurate picture of the current situation and creating the foundation for how to work with future career goals. We focus on creating a clear image of your qualifications to easily communicate your skills, possibilities and wishes for the future.

The result will be a precise profile of who you are and the goal of which is to establish the right platform for the coming process. Together, we will prepare an action plan with the purpose of sharpening your future efforts. The steps of our counseling often stems from these elements:

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