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Enhancing organisational performance with communication

Mergers and acquisitions are on the rise, and with good reason. The current economic climate positions M&A among the few reliable strategies to achieve growth. But the M&A route is one many business owners are neither willing nor able to consider. Fortunately, there are a few extremely effective internal strategies to improve organisational performance.

In the broadest sense, your mission, and the strategy in place to achieve it, should be carefully monitored and adjusted when there are shortcomings.

Organisational structure and resources are also important areas to focus on. Roles and responsibilities need to be clearly defined with metrics in place to evaluate success and grow organisational knowledge. But perhaps the most significant internal obstacle to organisational performance today is communication.

Communication is a vital component of management in any organisation. From updating employees on new policies and evaluating their attitudes to ensuring safety and customer satisfaction, effective communication is integral to effective management.

Any organisation determined to maximise performance should have comprehensive policies and strategies in place for communicating with its customers, employees, stakeholders and wider community. But delivering consistent messages that are aligned with the organisation's mission, vision and culture can be a challenge for many in leadership positions.

From an employee perspective, however, effective communication has the potential to drive engagement, which is one of the most widely discussed issues in business today, as well as provide a significant boost to satisfaction, loyalty and morale. As such, mastering the art of communication is a highly effective way to boost overall organisational performance.

Leadership must be able to successfully leverage high-impact communication practices and most HR professionals and organisational leaders agree that linking corporate communication to business strategy is operationally vital. Yet the ability to communicate clearly in simple and engaging language is a major challenge for many leaders.


Ask yourself these questions:

• Do your communications inspire employees to feel passionate about the work they do?

• Do your communications motivate them to deliver their best performance while also strengthening their commitment to the organisation?

• Do your communications build a strong understanding of your business strategy?

• Do your communications motivate your workforce to provide outstanding customer experiences and build strong, long-term customer relationships?


If you're not able to confidently answer these questions in the affirmative, there is support available. At Birn+Partners, we understand the importance of communication. Our coaching and mentoring services include customised personal development programmes with a strong focus on organisational communication. Contact us to find out more.



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