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The establishment of the board education - part 2

The establishment of the board education

At Birn+Partners, we have established our own board education with the aim of empowering leaders to better understand the value creation between management and the board, while also preparing top executives for board positions in external companies.

It all started when two employees from Birn+Partners were guest lecturers in a board education program, where they brought input from the business world to the classroom through their extensive experiences with owner-managers, private equity firms, management, and the board. The idea was well-received, and it led to more collaborations. After some time, the owner of the education program decided to leave the consulting track and become a full-time director and co-owner of an industrial company, allowing Birn+Partners to acquire the education program. As a result, Birn+Partners expanded its services from recruitment and leadership development to include board education now also.

It became clear that the education needed to be tailored to our DNA, and we had several elements we wanted to develop. After six months of market analysis, focus groups, and questionnaires, we were ready with our own board education program. We gained insights into needs, interests, expectations, and comparisons with other providers from our market research. The analyses showed a clear desire to make the education more practical with cases, workshops, and interaction among participants.

Today, more than 250 executives have completed our board education program, and in our 10th anniversary year, we are now introducing an alumni and network "B+Forum" where they can continue to meet and develop skills within board work. Read more about our progam here Board Education



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