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Get smooth into your leadership role after summer vacation

As the sun sets on summer vacation and the rhythms of daily work resume, it's time to reenergize and refocus on your leadership role.

Returning after a relaxing summer break may require adjustment and renewed purpose. Lone Vinther, Partner at Birn+Partners, has highlighted three strategies that will help you ease into your leadership role after the summer break.

Communicate clear expectations and goals

Clear communication is the cornerstone of effective leadership. After a period of relaxation, it's important to reestablish clear expectations and goals for your team. Set aside time to communicate openly and transparently about your organization's goals for the upcoming months. Outline your vision clearly and explain how each team member's role contributes to its realization. Seize the opportunity to reframe challenges as opportunities with the renewed energy that the vacation has provided.

Recognize that your team members may return from their vacations with varying levels of motivation and energy. Tailor your communication to inspire and engage everyone, taking their challenges and ambitions into consideration. If you haven't scheduled regular one-on-one meetings, now is the time to organize them to discuss personal and professional development.

Embrace new skills for yourself and your team

Encourage your team to set new goals, develop new skills, and approach challenges with enthusiasm. By promoting a growth mindset, you create a work environment that values learning and improvement. Celebrating both individual and team achievements create a sense of empowerment, driving everyone to perform even better.

Foster a positive and inclusive work culture

A great leader knows that a positive and inclusive work culture fosters collaboration, creativity, and productivity. So, when you return from your summer vacation, focus on cultivating a work environment where every team member feels valued. By strengthening and appreciating different perspectives, you promote a work environment that is open and transparent.

If you need to explore and develop your leadership skills further to guide and inspire your team even more to achieve your goals, I highly recommend reaching out to us. We develop leaders daily and have both mentors and coaches on our team.


//Written by Lone Vinther, Partner at Birn+Partners

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