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Starting your own business can often be a major step. It is often associated with a great deal of uncertainty and risk.

For me, it felt like a natural ‘next step’ when I did exactly that - started my own business - 10 years ago.

I sensed some skepticism from those around me, probably because I had previously held well-paid executive positions, and a consultancy firm might not be everyone's dream job. But it was mine, and it still is.

In the initial phase, my focus was on idea development, market analysis, market differentiation, creating concepts, and establishing a communication platform with business cards, a website, brochures, etc. I remember it as a calling, but also as a time-consuming task.

The market didn't need another player, so there was a need to stand out.

Interestingly, the focus was not on the financial aspect, although it is important. From the start, I told myself that the company would grow with the capital in my bank account. No loans, no external capital, no overdraft. All profits in the first 5 years were reinvested in the company. And I worked under the same contract as any other employee. The market analyses have definitely given us an advantage. Having the perspectives of 8000 leaders on various services, prices, processes, etc., is a constant part of our concepts. We continue to conduct our own market analyses regularly.

Today we are established in 10 countries, have 65 employees, generate 70 million DKK in revenue, and have an annual growth rate of 20%.

The focus quickly became sales and growth. Our clients took us abroad. Instead of seeking help from local colleagues, we chose to establish our own subsidiaries in several countries when client projects allowed. This meant that subsidiaries in the UK, Finland, and Italy were established within the first 2 years.

Based on my personal finances as a guarantee, we have always kept the company lean in terms of expenses. Personally, I have never really looked at competitors. I have always been convinced that if we are competent, there will be customers for us. Perhaps a bit naive, but we have never conducted competitor analyses.

There have been many decisions along the way, some difficult and others seemingly impossible. Typically, those related to operations and details have often caused headaches. However, I have never doubted the big picture, the direction, the strategy. It's about internationalization, growth, and development.

Developing our personnel, now with our own training manager and external speakers.
Business development of processes and go-to-market strategies, now with our own marketing manager. Process and quality assurance, now with our own business support manager. I have held all three positions myself over the years. I have had many roles and a natural interest in starting countries, consultants, and new services over the years. The most challenging part is finding the balance as a leader of a rapidly growing organization, not being too far ahead, but also not lagging behind in the development of culture and individuals. It's about matching the phase the company is in.

Fortunately, we have managed to attract more skilled professionals to work together. We have also become a partner company, and several employees have become co-owners over the years.

Currently, we are established in 10 countries, have 65 employees, generate 70 million DKK in revenue, and have an annual growth rate of 20%. Many would say that's impressive. I think it has been hard but exciting work. We are just getting started, and I have an appetite for much more. We have many talented individuals in Birn+Partners, and I see more people taking on greater responsibilities in our continued growth both domestically and internationally. And even though I am only 50 years old, we are actively delegating and assembling an even stronger team for future growth.

Looking back, I believe we have brought new dimensions to the industry, here I am thinking of the combination of management recruitment, management training and management education in the same consultancy.


// Written by Mikkel F. Birn, CEO & Founder, Birn+Partners

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