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Embarking on a New Chapter: My Journey as Managing Director at Birn+Partners Switzerland

My Journey as Managing Director at Birn+Partners Switzerland 

Coming from the banking industry and having been a consultant in different areas, specifically change management and outplacement, for the past six years, the world of executive search was, to me, a service often provided without impressive quality.
However, my perspective on this industry shifted dramatically when I engaged in discussions with Mikkel Birn about the possibilities for Birn+Partners in Switzerland and the potential of me joining the team.

Over the course of two months, I underwent a significant transformation, and I found myself not only curious but genuinely excited about the prospect. So, what led to this change of heart?

For over two decades, I have been fueled by a passion for facilitating change and creating opportunities for people in various capacities, be it in my previous corporate roles or through my network. 

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The chance to directly match companies with highly skilled and relevant talent was an inspiring prospect for me.

Tim Marschall

At the age of 57, my experience from senior management roles and a broad network of highly professional contacts could provide valuable offerings to both clients and candidates.

Stepping into a new career in executive search is inherently entrepreneurial, particularly when you find yourself as the sole occupant of the office at the beginning.

The flexible work environment that executive search offers aligns with my nature, and the idea of a career without a predefined retirement date is highly motivating.

The values-based management style and the client-centric focus of Birn+Partners convinced me that this is a solid company with a long-term perspective.

As I embarked on this journey, I encountered a range of fascinating experiences, including the learning curve involved in understanding the nuances of executive search, intense market competition, and the exciting intersection of technology and human expertise.

Coming into an organization in the 10th anniversary year is providing comfort due to well-developed services within executive search, leadership development and board training. Nevertheless, the management team in general has an involving and flexible mindset, is eager to improve, willing to learn and open to new opinions – that is inspiring for my entrepreneurial DNA, and I look forward to the years to come.


//Written by Tim Marschall, Managing Director, Birn+Partners, Switzerland

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