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The story of Birn+Partners


Birn+Partners was founded in 2013 by Mikkel F. Birn with the determination to build a top 10 European company within Executive Search, Leadership Development and Board Services.

Mikkel’s passion is to build a company where all employees are proud to a part of the culture. Honesty, integrity and the ability to be present and authentic to clients have always been the mantra allowing to keep clients and gain referrals to expand.

"It is only when we become the preferred partner as trusted advisor to our clients, we have achieved our goal".

Founder & CEO, Mikkel F. Birn

The ownership is shared with the founder being main shareholder and over time distributed to local partners. With this group structure we secure full alignment and quality assurance in all processes.

Birn+Partners is powered by a winning team spirit. More than 60 dedicated consultants and partners in 10 countries are on a mission to deliver high world class talents and helping in building high performing teams in international companies.


Our organisation


Birn+Partners has always had yearly growth rates above 20%. Each year we have established a legal entity and entered a new country. Our expansion continues and ever since the first day, we have followed our clients internationally.

We have primarily grown organically and see possible mergers being a part of future growth and expansion.


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