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Supply Chain and Operations

With today's 24/7 agenda demanding accessibility and agility from businesses, supply chain functions are critical to business success.

Developing and monitoring a company's supply chain to improve productivity and efficiency while reducing costs and securing high-quality materials is paramount.

Today, we focus on freight costs, third-party warehousing, dual sourcing, nearshoring, quality assurance, labour costs, continuous improvement, manufacturing scalability, modulation synergies, switching costs, and OEE.

We are looking for leaders who can manage the entire supply chain process and understand that technology plays a large part in creating efficiencies.

Leading a supply chain function requires great management and problem solving skills. We help find leaders who can plan, manage, and minimize risk in this complicated function and help your company avoid quality and delivery issues.

After selecting the ideal executive, we support you with our unique FIRST100 Executive Onboarding, designed to accelerate performance and success in the first 100 days and beyond.

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We focus on finding leaders who have the right mix of management skills, depth and cultural fit for our clients' organizations and their goals. Consider the importance of having the right people. The quality of the team you have around you is the best predictor of any company's future success.

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