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Life Science and Health Care

The life sciences industry is constantly undergoing significant change.

The life sciences industry is constantly undergoing significant change. Regulatory and compliance requirements are forever on the rise and the need to meet high ethical standards in terms of market access always remains a top priority.

What’s more, the transition to a more consumer-centric business model is rapidly accelerating. Consumers are insisting on playing a more active role in their healthcare and increasingly making demands for new facilities such as multichannel connectivity.

To stay competitive in such a market and continue to make innovative, life-saving and life-changing treatments, you need to have experienced and highly skilled leaders who can solve pressing market challenges.

Our consultants are industry experts with a proven ability to find and develop the right leaders, individuals who can make a meaningful impact on your business, your industry, and the health and wellbeing of the people you serve.

At Birn+Partners, our mission is to help you to identify, attract and retain leaders who can successfully navigate this highly complex industry.

A reference of the clients we continously help in the segment Life Science and Health Care are Fertin Pharma - Orifarm -  Danbred -  Novartis -  Stada  - Boehringer Ingelheim - Biocodex - Hytest

We monitor your industry

As your eyes and ears in the market, we do more than just monitor broader market trends. Our practice teams continuously monitors all aspects of your industry to help you find the right talent to secure your organisation’s future.

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