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Renewables and Energy

The energy sector is undergoing significant changes worldwide. It plays an essential role in moving the global energy transition forward and is key to achieving climate targets.

The coming years will only see the intensification of global efforts to draw energy from solar, wind, nuclear, hydrogen and other sources of sustainable energy in order to mitigate the impact on climate change.

This challenge requires greater innovation and delivering on the needs of a diverse set of stakeholders.

Despite the pressure, the right leaders can turn adversity to their advantage while reducing the impact on the planet and improving the lives of the communities.

The ability to adjust business models, make solid strategic alliances, and even reshape the sector as a whole, can provide a way forward for many years to come.

Our consultants have considerable experience and extensive networks in the energy sector. Our expertise and broad perspective allow us to tailor solutions that meet your exact needs, whether it is recruitment of a new leader or leadership development in your organisation.

We help clients as Siemens - Covestro Esvagt - Energinet DAKA  - Norlys - Bladt Industries  - Everfuel  - OK  -  Vestas - FCG Verdo Panasonic  in this segment.

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