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Succeed in the restructuring phase

Organisations are in a continuous transformation phase. It is how they keep up with a highly competitive and ever-changing market.

Restructuring can be a consequence, and some employees must inevitably be let go. Taking care to perform this task in the right way is not just better for the employees leaving, but also for the employees left behind.

With a career transition programme, you provide essential support to your departing employees to ensure they land a new job as fast as possible.

All companies face change at some stage, whether on a large scale or just involving individual members of staff. A company’s reputation is often defined by how it handles the hire/fire situation

This in turn guarantees that they will serve as advocates for their former workplace – your organisation.

Showing such consideration will also create greater loyalty, performance and retention among the employees who remain with your organisation.

What’s more, with your reputation safeguarded, your focus can be directed to where it matters most: transformation.

We provide career transition programmes across all industries and functional roles. Contact our consultants to get started today.

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