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Mentoring and Coaching

Sometimes we all need help or sparring to unlock personal potential. Seeking advice to improve your leadership can make a world of difference to both your career and personal wellbeing.

As in all other aspects of life, we often turn to trusted advisors in times of uncertainty – to improve ourselves, to change, to reflect, to overcome obstacles and break down barriers, or simply to find inspiration.

Whether working with personal or business issues, trust in one another is the basis for success. Our coaching and mentoring services are highly customised personal development programmes designed to enhance your leadership performance through focus on ability, personality and leadership style.

Occasionally, everyone needs to discuss leadership and management with someone other than their organisational superior. Whether it is about achieving personal or business development goals, or simply a desire to find fresh inspiration, we can help you develop the right plan.

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With team mentoring we were able to rebuild our team, create a new team spirit and get closer to our goal. Sometimes it is useful to get an outsider’s perspective on how a team function.

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We schedule meetings in-person and online for your convenience and confidentiality goes without saying. Popular topics include organisational development, personal goals, ambitions and performance, leadership effectiveness, and team effectiveness, and clients often notice a significant change after as little as six months.

A MENTOR shares their knowledge, skills and/or experience to help another to develop and grow.

A COACH provides guidance to a client on their goals and helps them reach their full potential.

We all need to be inspired, challenged and focused on personal development in order to succeed. Mentoring and coaching is always tailored to your needs and preferences, and we have specially developed programmes for the CEO, board, management, team, individual, etc.

If you feel ready to move forward, we are here to help you find the best way.

There are many reasons to start a coaching or mentoring process:

  • Want to excel my career and improve my leadership skills
  • Feel a lot of pressure and stress, and I find it difficult to deliver in my new job
  • Want to be able to embrace and inspire my team
  • Have to improve team performance by 20% next year – how do I start?
  • Find it difficult to cope with the many stakeholders and different agendas
  • Need sparring to handle organisational difficulties
  • Need to create a better work/life balance
  • Want to be a better manager
  • Need mentoring to start a transformation journey

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Mentoring and coaching is always tailored to your needs and preferences, and in our white paper you can get more information on how mentoring and coaching can upgrade your organisation and leaders.

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At Birn+Partners, we aim to be your trusted advisor. We are eager to help you find, evaluate and develop talent, and design the right organisational structure and culture to achieve your business goals.
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