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Today’s highly competitive, ever-changing landscape demands high-performance leaders who know how to transform challenges into opportunities. It is quite possible that searching your own industry, and even country, may not be casting the net wide enough to find the right candidate.

We have 60 consultants spread across 10 countries and each one understands how to find the candidate with the right skillset, mindset and experience for your company’s DNA.

As part of our industry-leading process, we assemble independent teams with relevant industry expertise in the countries in which we operate, and with their local knowledge and insight, they are often uniquely positioned to identity and attract the right talent.

Each assignment is a highly customised undertaking involving many players.

However, your search will always be coordinated by a lead consultant who acts as your primary contact. The lead consultant remains in continuous contact with our global team of researchers and consultants as they assess candidates across markets. Weekly status reports ensure you are able to follow the process every step of the way.


The advantages of our multi-market searches

  • A structured and organised process with local consultants who are former business leaders and who have industry-specific insights and knowledge
  • One lead consultant for all countries optimises the process and provides you with a single point of contact while a large, well-coordinated team works on the assignment
  • Resident consultants are appointed in the different countries to ensure local expertise and the necessary knowledge and insight of regional markets and industries
  • Expanding the search to additional countries leads to a larger talent pool of highly recommended candidates


Our executive search is characterised by a thorough, unique, multi-market search process combined with market-leading assessment tools and techniques, and a rigorous selection procedure. 

With hundreds of search assignments each year, and thousands of candidate interviews, we know how to reliably assess whether the candidate is motivated for a change and willing to move across borders, or perhaps return from abroad.

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At Birn+Partners, we aim to be your trusted advisor. We are eager to help you find, evaluate and develop talent, and design the right organisational structure and culture to achieve your business goals.
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